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October 2008 marks the introduction of TransEar 380-HF, a major breakthrough in bone conduction technology. (The "HF" stands for High Frequency.) This revolutionary product uses a newly developed high frequency bone vibrator, which has its peak energy at 2100-2300 Hz. (For comparison purposes, all other bone conduction devices peak around 800 Hz or less.)

What does this mean to the user? It means that the key consonant sounds so important to understanding speech are emphasized - a true first in bone conduction products. In field trials, users of the previous TransEar had on average almost double the word recognition when they switched to TransEar 380-HF, and they understood speech at a volume 11 dB lower than before. Both represent huge advancements in audiological science.

TransEar 380-HF also provides a high level of reliability, because the new vibration transducer is very shock-resistant.

The following charts compare the new TransEar "380-HF" to the "270" version.

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